The Power of Being Vulnerable

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The Power of Being Vulnerable

Why the secret of success is often about sharing the parts of ourselves that we are most afraid of.

The part of you that you want to keep secret is often the most interesting part and it’s usually the part of you that defines you and makes you unique. It’s the part we all want to know about and it’s also the part that you are most likely hiding from yourself. Sharing your vulnerability creates connection and connection is the beginning of all success in the world. No business or artist can be successful without first inspiring and connecting with others.

Being vulnerable is hard because it means facing self-doubt

Be vulnerable, that’s the message. Vulnerability is how we connect and it’s why we feel connected. Being vulnerable is what creates joy and meaning in relationships, but…it’s frickin hard. Also, did I mention that at times it completely sucks. Rejection sucks. Not being received, seen or understood – all these things suck. Facing your own self-doubt and standing in front of a crowd that is NOT cheering for you… sucks. Standing in front of a mirror while facing self-doubt can be equally challenging. Why is it so damned hard to believe in ourselves and believe that we have something of value to say and to give to the world, to believe that our voice matters and is beautiful? There are a lot of reasons why (bookstores are filled with shelves of self-help books talking about why), but the question remains: are you going to let those reasons stop you from expressing your true self in this life, or are you going to listen to the quiet voice in your heart and take a chance?

Do it anyway… 

You know what I say? F*ck it. What would you do today if no one was watching… or if everyone was watching, but you knew that no matter what you did, they were going to love and celebrate you for it? We want to hear your voice, see your art, watch your vision unfold and know your thoughts. Don’t let your life pass by without showing us (the world) who you are. They say you get the courage to fight as you are running into the battle… not before.

Getting personal

On that note, I am going to walk the talk and share something with you today. Below is an actual entry from my journal. Don’t worry though, even I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting it was. When I read it over, I didn’t actually feel like I had written it.

A secret to mining the gold of your own inner wisdom

There is an amazing exercise that I recently discovered that you can do too. It is simple and profound. Grab your journal and write a letter to yourself from your future self. Yes, that’s right, imagine that you are “you”, but 10 years from now. What would you say to yourself today with your 10 extra years of hard earned wisdom and experience?

I recently did this and decided to share it you. The following is an excerpt from my journal (slightly edited). See what you think and then try it for yourself. You might be amazed at what comes through you.

My Journal Entry:

What would my “I” ten years from now tell “me” if he could travel back in time and send a message to me today?

Here goes… 

"Create and express yourself fearlessly:

Create, as much as possible and share as much as possible. Be honest about who you are and tell people who you are. Share the truth, share bravely, be vulnerable and stop giving a f*ck about, or at least do your best to care less about what people think. Some people will love you and many might criticize you. Criticism, judgement and rejection are worth it for the ones that will love you and for how much they will love you – your vulnerability will also help and inspire others.

Make more mistakes, it’s about expressing, not about perfection

Make more mistakes. Make them faster. Become okay with rejection and stand in your own power. You are awesome regardless of how someone measures your accomplishments. Start measuring your own accomplishments with a different metric. Not “how good is it?” but rather, how brave was I in my sharing, how much did I create, how much music, poetry, video and creative expression did I put into the world? Am I happy? Do I enjoy creating? If not, why not? Then change. Share more.

People need to know you to love you

Tell people who you are. People can’t love you if you don’t let them – if you don’t share who you are and what you really think and feel, you are not letting others love you. Daring to share who you are and what you feel will help you love your self first and this will make it possible to feel the love of others more deeply (loving yourself and letting in the love from another are really the same thing – so is loving another – on the deepest level it is all love of self). The rejection is way worth it for the love. Total acceptance of yourself will be a by-product of this bravery. That acceptance will allow a deep happiness to grow, be born and be cultivated within you. Self Love = Love Self.

Commit to the process and let go of attachment to results:

Commit to things and go deep into them. Commit to a process more than a result. Do music everyday and soon enough you’ll be better and have more albums. Blog more and share more. Vision and meditate. Get better at routine and sticking to it. Master this. It is part of mastering yourself. Attachment to results creates fear and procrastination, sticking to a process (for example creating and sharing something everyday, no matter what the response is) is what actually helps us grow and helps us to be happier people.

Dream big

Never stop believing. Listen to your heart, listen twice, the voice of the heart is quiet and deep. The ego yells, the spirit whispers. Sometimes what your heart wants can be hidden below what you think you want. You can have it all – (for me that means travel and adventure as well as being rooted in family and community).

Don’t give up, but don’t make “trying” or suffering for your goal a badge of honour. Actually achieve your vision and you will be much happier. Things can be effortless. Things can flow. Love. Laugh more, especially at yourself.

Nothing wrong with being fit and looking great! 

Do martial arts (or whatever works for you), stay super fit and work out, take care of your body. It’s okay to look good, have nice clothes and take the time to look awesome; it is not vanity, it is glorifying creation. Looking great can be about glorifying yourself and your self expression. Your future self will thank you for taking care of your body and your health now.

Use discipline to fly

Create more. Make and release. Sing more. Be disciplined and take care of the details. The details are the foundation and will give you wings, launch you up and lift you into the sky. Make your art, share your art, teach, be beautiful, be free, travel, have fun, love…."

Now it’s your turn…

What would you tell yourself if you could look back from the future and see yourself now, what advice would you give to yourself?

Thanks for reading, see below for some more little treasures and ways to connect! As always, please subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t already and get yourself a free album today. 

Dream big ~Prosad




“I don’t trust people who don’t love themselves, but say I love you” – Maya Angelou

…“Be wary of the naked man, offering you a shirt” – (African Proverb)

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