Prosad Freeman: The Mystical Musician

Prosad's Story

The Meeting of Worlds

Prosad’s journey is the story two worlds merging… the fusion of Eastern Mysticism and spirituality with Western innovation and energy; where the sitar and guitar dance together creating ecstatic colours of sound and where the inner stillness and outer waves of musical expression collide.

The Seeds of Mysticism Planted

Prosad grew up in the pariries of Canada and started writing songs and playing guitar as a young boy. When he was a nineteen-year-old budding musician, Prosad’s career trajectory changed when he fatefully met his spiritual teacher, Himalayan Master, Tulshi Sen. Since then, Prosad has spent over two decades in a deep meditation sadhana which he was initiated into by his Teacher. Through the practice of Shabd Surat Yoga (when sound and consciousness become one), Prosad was led to the realization that thought is the most powerful creative force in the universe and began to manifest a new world for himself. Rather than leave music for a monastic disciplined life of meditation, he was taught to integrate these powerful spiritual principles into his life in order to manifest his heart’s desires and dreams.  This led him on a path to inspire and uplift the world with music and empowered him to tour and travel the world for 11 years, playing and teaching in festivals and halls in over 22 countries.

Learning Indian Music and Traditional Music from Around the World

During this time, Prosad was dedicated to learning music from spiritual traditions across the world, especially Indian music and sitar. He combined this ancient music with his western training in jazz and classical music to create sounds that transcend genres and borders. He travelled to India, Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand and all over Europe learning new instruments and collaborating with masterful musicians. Sitar, guitar, didgeridoo, hand pan, bansuri (Indian flute), djembe, m’bira and saxophone are just some of the sonic tools that Prosad uses to create sound vibrations with the power to shift and transform consciousness.

A Fusion of the Ancient with the Modern

From reggae to meditation music, Prosad has masterfully fused the sitar and other traditional instruments with contemporary styles. Singing uplifting lyrics with a spiritual message is a signature of his sound. He has created nine albums in a kaleidoscope of styles, from reggae and world music, to ecstatic dance with sitar, to deep meditation music. He fuses instruments from around the world with live looping and masterful multi-instrument performances. Over time, Prosad’s touring has evolved from performing on festival stages to also teaching meditation and sharing sound healing and kirtan with fellow spiritual seekers around the world.

Traditional Sitar Lineage and Notable Career Milestones

Prosad has spent two decades studying classical Indian Sitar and raga music with multiple teachers and masters. Starting with George Harrison’s Sitar Teacher, Shambhu Das, a direct Disciple of Ravi Shankar and ending with Alam Khan, the son of the great Master of Masters, Ali Akbar Khan Sahib.

Prosad has performed and recorded with great artists such as Grammy Award winner Chris Berry and Australian legend Xavier Rudd (on his album Spirit Bird). He has composed music for two Hollywood films, with his song “Byron Bay” being featured in the movie The Love Guru, with Mike Myers. He also composed the complete score for the independent film, Nice2MeetU. He has performed all over the world, including for British Royalty, in a Castle in Italy and in a Stadium to 50,000 people in Bangladesh.

Spiritual Awakening and Musical Healing

Inspired greatly by his spiritual teacher, Maestro Tulshi Sen, Prosad has spent years creating a deep understanding of the power of sound to transform and awaken consciousness. Mystics and physicists will both tell us that the world is made of sound and vibration. By concentrating our attention on specific musical tones, ancient ragas and Sanskrit mantras (vibrational sounds or words of power) we can “tune” our bodies and our minds to bring ourselves into harmony with the cycles of nature and the greater Universe. Being in tune in this way helps us awaken to our highest purpose, deepest happiness and ultimately to realize our full power as divine, creative beings. Through ancient ragas, Vedic mantras and special tonal frequencies, Prosad helps to facilitate this inward journey of the soul. Through meditation we can access higher states of conscious and touch the supreme and natural state of our being, known in Sanskrit as “sat, chit, ananda,” or truth, pure being-ness and bliss. 

Based on the West Coast of Canada, Prosad continues to write, perform, tour and teach.

Prosad's Mission

True freedom is the ability to live the life of your dreams. More than that, freedom is the ability to wake up on any given day and do whatever you feel inspired to do.

I have travelled the world for more than ten years performing in festivals, concert halls and even in a stadium to 50,000 people. I've composed music for multiple Hollywood films. I have lived my dream, followed my passion, had adventures to last a lifetime and made money doing it. I want to inspire you to do the same and show you how to make it possible.

My dream is music, that is how I inspire and communicate my message to the world. But whatever your dream is, there are ways to bring it into being. If you don't know what your dream is, there are ways to awaken it.

Life is like the ocean and your belief about yourself is the size of the cup that you scoop out of the ocean to shape your individual destiny.

Freedom is the ability to increase your believe level to think the thoughts you want to think, despite any external circumstances or limitations. It is the ability to imagine, create and manifest any vision without limitation.

My mission is to share the way to awaken this power in yourself so that you can create the life that your heart desires. I truly believe that when all of us are living to our fullest potential, the world will be a more beautiful place.

I want to share with you the tools that I have learned from my mentor on how to unlock your true potential and manifest your dream life of abundance, connection, purpose and joy.

Prosad's Offerings

Prosad offers online courses, where he teaches sitar, meditation, singing, sound healing and Mysticism for Musicians. He continues to perform around the world; offering world music and reggae concerts, sitar meditations, kirtan, sound healing and acoustic shows. He also teaches music workshops and workshops on meditation, mantra and sound healing. Please see our offerings page for more information.