How to live life doing what you love

True freedom is the ability to live the life of your dreams. More than that, freedom is the ability to wake up on any given day and do whatever you feel inspired to do.

I have travelled the world for more than ten years performing in festivals, concert halls and even in a stadium to 50,000 people. I've composed music for multiple Hollywood films. I have lived my dream, followed my passion, had adventures to last a lifetime and made money doing it. I want to inspire you to do the same and show you how to make it possible.

My dream is music, that is how I inspire and communicate my message to the world. But whatever your dream is, there are ways to bring it into being. If you don't know what your dream is, there are ways to awaken it.

Life is like the ocean and your belief about yourself is the size of the cup that you scoop out of the ocean to shape your individual destiny.

Freedom is the ability to increase your believe level to think the thoughts you want to think, despite any external circumstances or limitations. It is the ability to imagine, create and manifest any vision without limitation.

My mission is to share the way to awaken this power in yourself so that you can create the life that your heart desires. I truly believe that when all of us are living to our fullest potential, the world will be a more beautiful place.

I want to share with you the tools that I have learned from my mentor on how to unlock your true potential and manifest your dream life of abundance, connection, purpose and joy.

How to Break Free from Dormant Fear

How Ancient Secrets of Success Gives You the Key to Unlock Your Capacity to Build a Better Life Swiftly

Do you know what your vision of success is? How would you feel when you are successful? Most people with all the money in the world still don’t feel successful. You can. The meditations as given in Ancient Secrets of Success will enhance your self-esteem which is the touchstone of your success.

I have spent years studying with my Mentor, Maestro Tulshi Sen. He has distilled the wisdom of the ancients and made it practical and easy to apply in the modern world. These secrets have helped me to think big and achieve goals that I never would have believed possible before understanding how consciousness creates.

True success is when you have full control over your thinking process. What do I mean by that? ...learn more

Music is the Universal Language

It is the language of nature and the Cosmos. It pierces through our mind and into our heart. Music is the medicine needed in the modern world. Music can uplift us, inspire us, help us to heal and awaken us to higher states of being. This has been the intention of all of my music. I have explored many styles over the course of my journey, but my purpose has always been to uplift and to raise consciousness. Click on the categories below to hear samples and learn more.

Learn the Ancient Secrets of Manifesting your Vision

Use the same tools that I have used to manifest my vision and live my dream. Taught to me by my teacher and mentor, Maestro Tulshi Sen, these practices will help you manage your mind, overcome fear and doubt and rise into the highest version of yourself.

Overcome limitations and start creating the life you really want right away. Learn the tools and practices for true success and how to apply them.

The Ancient Secrets Program contains a book, meditation practices and music. The essence of these ancient teachings are distilled into practical and easily applicable meditation and visualization techniques.

You will learn to move through the world as the divine creative being that you are and live the life of abundance and joy that is your true birthright.