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Infinite Ocean - Music For Yoga and Meditation

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This music is perfect for yoga, meditation, relaxation and as an aid to achieving deep and restful sleep. This recording contains three meditative journeys that will sooth and transport you to a relaxed state of being.

Infinite Ocean features ocean sounds, enchanting Indian flute and a powerful mantra from the Upanishads. This mantra (Poornamadah) was revealed by the sages who understood that sound and vibration have the proven ability to bring tranquility and strength to the heart and mind. Translated it speaks of the infinite nature of the cosmos and our oneness with this infinitude.

Eternal Flute (track two) is instrumental and features the beautiful bansuri (bamboo) flute. It is the same music, only instrumental which some people prefer for meditation.

The third track is nature’s perfection: the soothing sound of ocean waves. The perfect ambient sound for falling asleep.

The ocean waves, ancient chanting, soul-stirring flute and deep ethereal drones will transport you into a peaceful and relaxing state, where the mind is free and the spirit is calm.