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Nachur - World-Reggae from New Zealand (Prosad & Isaac Chambers)

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Nachur (pronounced Nature) is the legendary project from producer and multi-instrumentalist duo: Isaac Chambers and Prosad.

(* This download also features a bonus music video)

Originally from New Zealand and Canada respectively they met in early 2012 and set about combining their unique ideas, influences and diverse skills to create live electronica. The pair set up a temporary studio in an old bus overlooking the ocean of Abel Tasman National Park and began creating songs from scratch.

While Prosad is originally from Canada, both artists feel a calling to Aotearoa (New Zealand) as a deep source of inspiration and in some ways a spiritual and musical home. The ancient landscapes of New Zealand provide the ideal backdrop for the creation of soulful music with deep roots… a fusion of organic tradition with electronic evolution.

“Cicada Sessions”, as the debut EP is called, derived it’s name from the cicadas that were constantly singing while the sun was up… so much so that the album had to be produced at night, with recording sessions starting at sunset and lasting until sunrise. The cicadas and many other sounds of nature even made their way subtly into the music throughout the EP. The music created by this distinctive pair is a unique and deliberate collaboration of electronic production with live and very real performances. Many of the solos were recorded in a single take and left “as is”.

Taking inspiration from elements of dub, roots, jazz & downbeat electronica, Nachur fuses modern digital production with earthy analogue warmth. The songs are glued together with delay and soaked in reverb, creating deep atmospheric soundscapes. Crunchy electronic beats and reggae basslines are seamlessly interwoven with sitar, guitar, bansuri flute, didgeridoo and melodica. Epic guitar solos reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd are arranged with Eastern sitar and indigenous instruments to take the listener on a true journey. Nachur smoothly mixes these organic and digital sounds, hoping to help 21st Century humans reconnect with the beauty of nature and with their own source.

Both Isaac and Prosad wanted to create a project that was a true collaboration, with no agenda and no attempt to market to a genre; their goal was simply to create music that conveys positivity and their deep love for nature. Because of this intention, Cicada Sessions became a concept album - meant to be listened to from start to finish, with quality speakers or headphones. So turn the lights down low and let these songs take you on a 3 dimensional journey through sound.
It is an enigma… on one hand mellow and calming, yet on the other upbeat and energizing.

We hope you can feel the warmth in this heartfelt music, which was inspired by the muses that must still be living in the old forests of Aotearoa.

Chur Chur,
Isaac and Prosad