Prosad Freeman

Overtones: Sitar and Harp Meditation Music

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This album was born out of a beautiful collaboration between myself and the amazing harpist, Dave Hoover. 

We managed to capture the feelings of spirit being expressed through sound and the musical conversation of two artists who believe deeply in the power of listening; of "Hinimawe" - the archetype of water, who's totem is the Owl, who among other things represents deep listening.

Listening is the secret to music and to life. This music represents our listening to the depth of spirit, which resides in the silence within ourselves and comes to life in movement, creation, music and dance. Life and music are both about connection; music connects us more than any other medium, it is truly the universal language.

I have seen it in my travels around the world: when we think or feel that we have more differences than similarities, music has so often become a bridge that has united us. People can argue with an idea, but not with a feeling and music is just that - feeling. It brings us together in our sorrows and our joys, in our happiness and our celebration. It is also the power that can serve as the vehicle to higher states of consciousness within ourselves - where we can feel the oneness with all life and with our Creator and our Self.

The harp can have the most heavenly tone and also invoke the stories, myths and legends of our ancestors. The sitar is mystical, mysterious and ancient. The sweet sound of sitar and harp together takes us to a spiritual place within ourselves.

The combination is truly magical. I played this music for my mother as she was getting ready to transition from this world, I know how special it is and how deeply it can touch the spirit and bring the message of peace to the heart.

I truly hope that you enjoy this offering and that it brings more joy, happiness and peace to your life in some small or large way. On behalf of Dave and myself, "Alithala Heme"... let us experience "Heaven on Earth".

Released December 6, 2018
Dave Hoover - Harp
Prosad - Sitar