Prosad Freeman

Turtle Shell Sessions (Acoustic Songwriter)

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Turtle Shell Sessions was recorded at Turtle Shell Studio in Guelph, Ontario in one night on December 4th, 2012. Everything was done live and in one take, there are no overdubs. The percussion was done with my feet and the didgeridoo, guitar, vocals and harmonica were all played live at the same time. This style of performing as a "one man band" was inspired in part by Xavier Rudd and also by many of the talented musicians that I met on my travels in New Zealand and Australia.

The lyrics in these songs are an important part of the album. They are inspired in large part by my world travels and adventures and also by the ideals that I attempt to live up to in all the things that I do. The expression of ideas and inspiration through my lyrics and poetry is a big part of who I am. These songs represents a moment in time, part of my journey, part of my story and I am happy to share it with you here.