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You know what I say? F*ck it. What would you do today if no one was watching… or if everyone was watching, but you knew that no matter what you did, they were going to love and celebrate you for it? We want to hear your voice, see your art, watch your vision unfold and know your thoughts. Don’t let your life pass by without showing us (the world) who you are. They say you get the courage to fight as you are running into the battle… not before.

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Artist Entrepreneur, Creativity, Living Your Dreams, Manifestation, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Spirituality, Transformation -

Growth is Painful… and Joyful

Sometimes it hurts to grow, but isn’t it worth it to bear the pain of transformation in order to fully become the person that your heart dreams you can be? It’s something to think about… it takes time to undo our past conditioning, it takes constant practice and vigilance, but it is worth it.

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Artist Entrepreneur, Creativity, Living Your Dreams, Manifestation, Mantra, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Spirituality, Transformation -

This blog will explore how to live your life's purpose, fulfill your heart's desires, live your dreams and make a living doing what you love. I will share practical spirituality based on ancient wisdom and the lessons of meeting a great mentor and spiritual teacher. I will tell the story of how I overcame my limitations to live my dreams and create a life for myself that seemed impossible, but it came true.

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